Property Valuation

Property Valuation

AWAK COMPANY LIMITED undertakes projects of any size or description for commerce and industry. Our Valuers visit sites to measure, record, evaluate and create a detailed inventory of items and conditions of the property.

Each Valuer relies upon experience, personal skill, extensive research and mathematical modeling to obtain realistic values of assets – FAIR VALUE. Valuations are carried out for market and replacement cost (insurance) purposes.AWAK COMPANY LIMITED provides expert advice and the necessary valuation report for specialized areas such as Sectional Title/Body Corporate clients. A detailed account of the entire property is recorded within the bound Valuation Report and Certificate.

Due to the many different methods that can be used to value property, The Valuator Group has set up an Internal Review Committee who independently assesses each Valuation Report before it is presented to the client in draft form. Clients can then comment on the draft which the Review Committee will again assess prior to approving the Final Report presented to the client.

AWAKoffers clients an all inclusive 5 year LONG TERM ASSISTANCE PLAN (LTAP) which not only ensures assets are correctly valued during this period but in addition that the fee is cost effectively “spread” over the 5 years and longer as negotiated.

Besides property valuations, AWAK  can value all other related assets linked to the property such as plant & equipment, contents, the business and other valuable assets.

“We can recommend The Valuator Group and their unique “one stop” valuation service which equates to our philosophy of clients receiving high quality and professional attention”.