Awak Company Profile

Company Profile


Number one real estate agency in the Volta region,we make property acquisition,sales and management very simple and affordable. We provide real solution to all real estate needs of our cherished clients all over the world.
Our core services are as follows
1.Home services:
Air-condition installation and repairs
Emergency plumbing wirks (leakages and new installation)
Roof leakages
Maintenance of electrical works
We provide real solution to all your emergency needs relating to your property at home.
2.Property management

Stop chasing clients for your rents or having to deal with midnight emergencies on your own.
We do property evaluation and determine the market value of your property for higher profit margins on your investment.
3.Rentals and sales

We have luxurious and affordable houses to sell and for rentals in very developed areas.
We affordable plots for sale for residential and commercial purposes all over the country.
Farm lands for commercial agriculture
Lands for gravel pits and quarry.
4.Architectural design and drawing

Order for your 3D and fully completed building plans tailored for your satisfaction.
5.Land surveying

We provide accurate and concise surveying services. We have modern and sophisticated to carry out accurate surveying for our clients.

6.Safety training Consultancy

We provide adequate safety training to support the growing demands of industries trying to reduce accidents and injuries at the factories and construction sites.We give first hand training to new employees and refresher programs to update the old staffs.

7.Artisan Recruitment consultancy

We serve as a liaison between the construction project owners and the qualified artisans on the job market.

Our Job is to train them and make them ready to help solve specif needs in organisations.